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Simplify your legal needs by regrouping your notary and lawyer services in one convenient location. Two professionals you can rely on!

Litigation Cases

A legal problem to resolve? We handle disputes, hidden defects, separations, divorces, neighbourhood problems, contracts and more!

Non-Litigation Cases

Drafting of a will and of a contract, Instituting protective supervision, homologation of a Protection Mandate in case of incapacity & more.
LL & Associés, Law Firm LLP.

We are available for you, no matter what your situation is

Our team combines decades of experience and is able to help you deal with complex and difficult situations.

LL & associés, Law Firm LLP. : two professionals you can rely on!

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In Business Since 1998

Our team combine
decades of experience

Our team will help you better understand all the legal issues you may be confronted with. We will always be professional with you.

Our vision, focused on cooperation and negotiation, provides you with a comprehensive solution and eliminate the need for middle men.

Christine Lacombe

Admitted to the Chambre des notaires du Québec & opened her firm

Sylvain Lemyre

Became a member of the Barreau du Québec & opened his own firm

Our Law Firm

We combined our respective strenghts by regrouping litigation and notarial law at the same law firm


Accreditation of Me Lemyre as a dispute arbitrator by the IMAQ and the Quebec Bar Association.

Our team

Our team members

Our team regroup several legal and notary services. This allows you to be provided with advice and assistance in several legal fields, without the need to do an extensive amount of research and procedures.

LL & associés, Law Firm LLP. is a team of experienced and trusted lawyers and notaries who are able to provide you with solutions to complex and difficult cases.

LL & Associés, Law Firm LLP.

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