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Who is Mrs. Christine Lacombe, notary with our law firm

Mrs. Lacombe is from the south shore of Quebec City. She obtained a Diploma in legal techniques from CEGEP Garneau. She then settled in the Outaouais region to pursue her studies at the University of Ottawa, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Laws in 1996 and a Diploma in Notarial Law in 1997. She was admitted to the Chambre des notaires du Québec in 1998.

Having a strong interest in Estate and Persons Law, she provides her clients with a dedicated and expert service in important moments of their lives. She also offers services in the drafting of wills, power of attorneys, and protection mandates in case of incapacity.

She is accredited to act in non-contentious matters, which allows her to proceed with the homologation of your mandates & will, and also with the opening of a protective supervision for incapacitated adults.

Mrs. Lacombe will help you understand the legal issues you are confronted with and she will assist you with professionalism.

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