Contractual Disputes


A dispute arising from a contract?

A large number of disputes arise from the non-fulfilment of a commercial contract or from a different interpretation of one of its clauses.

If either party fails to comply with its contractual obligations, the prejudiced party may take legal action against its co-contractor to obtain compensation for caused damages.

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A dispute from the non-fulfilment of a contract?


The main causes of disputes

  • Failure to meet the payment schedule,
  • Failure to meet the delivery deadlines,
  • Delivery of non-compliant goods,
  • Unsatisfactory service delivery,
  • Breach of a specific obligation (confidentiality, non-compete, etc.),
  • Unilateral termination of a contract by a contracting partner.

In any case, it is important to consult your lawyer so that you are informed of your rights and obligations.

LL & Associés, Law Firm LLP., can provide you with useful assistance, whether it be in negotiating with your contracting partner or by taking appropriate legal procedures on your behalf.

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A contractual dispute?

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