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Having a contract is important

In Quebec, a verbal agreement is a legal contract. However, when a problem arises, it can be very difficult to prove its content to the judge, hence the importance of having a written contract.

If one of the parties is hesitant in getting a written agreement, then that could mean that there may be a divergence of opinions on one of the clauses. It is then even more important to reflect on it and to talk about it immediately.

The list can be long, but here are some examples of civil law contracts: commercial leases, residential leases, loans, sales, service contracts, employment contracts, franchises, etc.

Better safe than to fight in court!

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A contract protects your rights

It is important to understand that a contract will be of no use unless there are issues between the parties. On the other hand, if there is a misunderstanding, we can use the contract and find out that a resolution had already been agreed upon. This way, you may not need a lawyer.

The contract serves as protection for the parties. It is a bit like riding in a car and wearing a seat belt. It will not ensure that there will not be any problems, but it will help you prevent issues that would be costly to fix.

My purpose in choosing to become a lawyer was to help others. When I was a teenager, I was a lifeguard; this again was my way of helping persons in difficulty. This need of mine to help others has always been a concern to me and this wonderful profession allows me to do just that, on a daily basis.

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