Neighbourhood Problems & Encroachment

Civil Law

A problem with your neighbour?

Neighbourhood problems are more frequent than we think and they can take many forms.

For instance, it can be an annoyance (nuisance) case:

  • Someone who collects scrap on his property all the time.
  • Someone who systematically refuses to cut the grass.
  • Noisy neighbours late at night.

With regards to nuisance problems, the case does not generally go to trial. Usually, a formal notice signed by a lawyer and delivered by a bailiff is sufficient for the neighbour to fix what needs to be fixed.

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A problem with one of your neighbours?

Civil Law

Your neighbour encroaches on your property?

Avoiding encroachment is important.

Just imagine that your neighbour uses part of your property on a continual basis, to your knowledge and without opposition. He could, after a period of 10 years, become the legal owner of this part of your land.

It is therefore very important to safeguard your interests and make sure that nothing or no one encroaches on your property.

If there is any encroachment, you should contact your lawyer promptly so as not to lose part of your property.


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Neighbourhood Problems

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