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Quebec Experience Program & Permanent Residence

There are many options available to newcomers, but also very stringent requirements to be able to obtain your permanent residence.

Permanent residence remains an important step in establishing one’s future in Canada and towards eventual Canadian citizenship.

The path to permanent residence can sometimes seem long and difficult, let us help you.

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The Federal Program & the Quebec Experience Program

To meet the requirements of the Government of Quebec and obtain a selection certificate, the traditional route of the skilled worker program has always been preferred.

Under this program, an applicant must obtain a certain number of points according to a selection grid. Only if the threshold is met will the Quebec selection certificate be granted.

The points awarded during this assessment are based on the following criteria:

  • Education;
  • Age;
  • Professional experience;
  • Knowledge of French and English;
  • Stays in Quebec and family ties;
  • Having a job offer;
  • Financial autonomy;

Through this grid, the government is attempting to select skilled workers who will be able to integrate easily into the Quebec labour market and immediately contribute to it. That is why it places particular importance on professional experience, financial autonomy and the possession of a valid job offer.

What about international students who have recently graduated from a Quebec institution

Students from Quebec who have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD, DCS (DEC) or DVS (DEP) of more than 1800 hours are eligible to benefit from this program if they meet a number of requirements:

  • Intend to settle and work in Quebec;
  • Have stayed in Quebec for the primary purpose of studying and have adhered to his or her study permit;
  • Have been in Quebec for more than half of the duration of their program of study;
  • Demonstrates an oral knowledge of intermediate level French;
  • Commit to providing for his or her basic needs;

What about people who are foreign temporary workers and have been working in Quebec for only a short time?

They will also be able to benefit from this program if they comply with the same conditions as the Skilled Workers Program and if they:

  • Have resided in Quebec for the purpose of working and have adhered to their work permit;
  • Have been employed full-time for at least 12 of the 24 months prior to applying;

All in all, obtaining permanent residence is a way to secure your future in Canada. This is why the Quebec Experience Program, although not well known to many, is an excellent option for temporary residents who wish to settle immediately in Quebec.

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