Buying and Selling a Property

Real Estate Law

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The notary is the specialist in real estate law.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is important to consult a legal adviser to avoid missteps.

Furthermore, the notary can also assist you with your mortgage and your discharge.

The notary ensures your legal security regarding your real estate and transactions.

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Buying and selling a property

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The role of your notary

Buying and Selling a property

Consult your notary! Your inexperience in Real Estate Law could cost you dearly. Buying your first house should be planned. The offer to purchase documents can even be prepared by your notary. Seek some advice from a qualified legal expert and not from your brother-in-law, unless he is a notary!

The purchase of a property goes through three stages, regardless if it’s a cottage, a house, a condominium, etc. Firstly, you must submit a formal offer to purchase to the seller. Said offer can be written by your notary. Then, if the seller agrees and the conditions are fulfilled, there is a sale and at this stage the negotiations are over. Finally, there is the signing of the deed of sale with your notary, which confirms the transfer of ownership. Your notary acts as an advisor, he explains to you your obligations, carries out the verification of the titles of property by means of a search of titles, obtains the certificates of the property taxes to proceed to the distribution (or adjustments) between the parties, obtains information from the condo manager relevant to the condominium, all for the protection of your rights and the respect your obligations.

Do not buy a property alone, seek some advice!

Just like the purchase of a house, the sale of your property goes through the same steps, that is to say the offer to purchase, the acceptation of said offer by the seller and the signing of the deed of sale. Your notary ensures the validity of the documents and he accompanies you throughout the transaction process. Avoid unpleasant surprises by consulting your notary before signing the offer of a potential buyer.

Did you know? You can consult your notary before signing an offer from a potential buyer. This step may avoid you unpleasant situations.


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