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If you have not yet consulted a notary to draft your last wishes, what are you waiting for? Your will is the most important document to settle your estate.

Such a document clearly identifies your heir, your executor and the latter’s duties and obligations. An original copy of your will be securely stored and can be retrieved at any time in the event of your death thanks to the Registers of Testamentary Dispositions and Mandates of Quebec.

This is the best way to give you and your heirs peace of mind!

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Notarized Will

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The role of your notary

Regarding your will

Do not forget to consult our notary when planning the drafting of your will, this document must be specific to ensure that your last wishes are respected.

Your notary will be responsible for the drafting of your will as well as the preservation of the original copy in a safe place, to ensure its traceability.

A notarial will has several benefits. Firstly, it is drafted in clear terms that meet the requirements of the law. Secondly, a notarized will takes effect upon the death of the deceased, unlike other types of wills which must be verified before a notary or the court.

An unclear or incomplete will can result in conflicts.


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